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    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    Moving from Complementarian to Egalitarian


    I was 32 years old before I heard the word egalitarian. My universe was very small growing up. I, sort of, realized there…

    Personal Stories / Women and Relationships

    Submitting to Egalitarianism: One Couple’s Journey


    I should have realized it long ago; I should have recognized the signs. But I didn’t. I suppose I was so lost in…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories / Women and the Bible

    Whispers of Hope and Subversion in the Old Testament


    It may seem strange that I became an egalitarian through the back door of Old Testament patriarchal culture and history. But it worked…

    Biblical Equality / Women and Relationships

    50 Shades of Grey and Patriarchy: What Exactly Did We Expect?


    There are many articles written by Christians trying to pick apart why it is that so many women, both in and out of…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories

    Let My People Go: The Impact of Patriarchy in the Church


    Patriarchy is an oppressive cultural norm with a history that predates Christianity. Fortunately, it is fading from our global community. Unfortunately, it persists…

    Personal Stories / Women and the Bible / Women and the Church

    The Power of Your Story


    A culture is built around the stories it tells. After telling my story of spiritual abuse and marginalization as a woman leader in…

    Biblical Equality / Women and Relationships

    Three Ways Patriarchy is Bad for Men


    Here are some of my thoughts about why patriarchy is bad for men, two related to the church and the last related to…

    Biblical Equality / Women and the Church

    Why I am a Feminist and an Egalitarian (And Why They Aren’t the Same Thing)


    Feminism vs Egalitarianism I am both a feminist and a biblical egalitarian.  These two are not the same. In fact, I believe that…

    Personal Stories / Women and the Church

    Why I Am Womanist & Feminist (and it has nothing to do with hating men)


    Now is not the time to blame women or consistently accuse us of complaining, ranting and raving and hating men. For many of…

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