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    "Notorious" Passages / Women and Relationships

    Sex, Supper, Submission


    A few months after we said “I do,” my wife, Amy, and I attended a class for newly married couples at our local…

    Personal Stories

    How to Be Egalitarian with a Complementarian Spouse


    How to Be Egalitarian with a Complementarian Spouse. Well you cry a lot, sometimes, especially in the beginning. You both get mad and…

    Women and Relationships

    6 Ways to Know You’re Living Out an Egalitarian Marriage


    In 2015, a few months before my wedding, I wrote a blog for the Junia Project titled, 6 Things Egalitarian Marriage is Not.…

    Women and Relationships

    Hyphenating My Last Name: A Deal Breaker?


    So about a month ago a friend and I got into a debate on Twitter after he mentioned that a woman wanting to…

    "Notorious" Passages / Women and Relationships

    Co-Leadership in Marriage: Who’s in Authority?


    We believe authority is at the heart of much marriage misunderstanding and debate. Over the years traditional-hierarchical-complementarian marriage-view proponents have described their perceived…

    "Notorious" Passages / Women and Relationships

    Co-Leadership in Marriage: Let’s Talk about Submission


    Submission in marriage often comes with lots of negative baggage. In fact, many people refer to submission as the "S"-word. The reality is…

    "Notorious" Passages / Women and the Bible

    Co-Leadership in Marriage: What about Headship?


    Headship can often become a divisive issue in marriage discussions—especially in religious circles. Various “infallible” headship interpretations and accompanying dialogue could fill a…

    Personal Stories

    How I Became A Christian Feminist


    It seems that in many Christian communities being a “biblical man” or a “biblical woman” is just as high of a priority, if…

    Biblical Equality / Personal Stories

    Let My People Go: The Impact of Patriarchy in the Church


    Patriarchy is an oppressive cultural norm with a history that predates Christianity. Fortunately, it is fading from our global community. Unfortunately, it persists…

    Personal Stories / Women and Relationships

    The Dance of Mutual Submission


    When my babies were born, I fully intended to stay home full-time with them for a variety of reasons.  However, a year after…

    Personal Stories / Women and Relationships

    Submission: A Personal Story


    Submission What he had always been told he deserved What he expected from me, with nothing in return But it was not mine…

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