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Personal Stories, Women and the Church

Those Who Protect a Woman’s Call

Sarah Sparks-Franklin

Thank God for those who protect a woman’s call! “I’m not sure I can continue as a leader in this church.” So exhausted…


Awaiting the Refugee King: A Christmas Reflection

Christiana Rice

This Christmas, I’m pondering the grittier, truer side of the nativity narrative through the lens of a refugee mother who waits with her…

Women and the Church

12 Ways to Advocate for Women in Ministry

Elizabeth Graham

I am a part of a Christian tradition that has ordained women as elders since its inception during the American Holiness movement in…

Women and the Bible

3 New Testament Female Leaders: Phoebe, Junia, Prisca

Ian Hyde

I’ve had many great conversations with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, many of whom disagree with my belief that in Rom.…

Personal Stories, Women and the Bible

Seeing Myself in the Texts of Terror

Hannah Gaddini

The other day I happened to go through some old writings from college and I stumbled upon something. It was a reflection I…

Women and the Church

Can Men Be Pastors?

Tim Ritter

Can men be pastors? Can Christian men be teachers, preachers, elders, seminary professors, Sunday school teachers, worship leaders, small group leaders, police officers,…

Women and the Church

The New Testament Case for Women Pastors

Kelly Ladd Bishop

"There were zero women pastors in the Bible and no women apostles. There were no women pastors in nearly 2000 years of church…


A Mother’s Day Liturgy

Kate Wallace Nunneley

In recent years I have been struck by how feminine communion is At the Last Supper Jesus says, “This is my body broken…


Keeping Mary Company: A Good Friday Reflection

Dan Hix

What was she doing there? There, of all places Why don’t you run, Mary, just run? Join disciples’ mad dash to self-protection Bolt…far…

Women and the Bible

Did Jesus Spend Most of His Time with Just 12 Men?

Gail Wallace

An argument often used to restrict women from church leadership is that Jesus spent most of his time on earth investing in a…

Personal Stories, Women and the Church

When Words Aren’t Enough: A Pastor’s Thoughts on Gender Equality

Matt VanGent

“Girls can’t be drummers.”  My 3-year-old daughter. “I had no idea I could be a youth pastor.”  A female high school student. These…

Happy EGALentines Day! (Free Printables)

Kate Wallace Nunneley

We love the Egalitarian blogging community and to show our love this Valentines Day, we want to offer you all FREE PRINTABLE valentines!…

Personal Stories

The Birth of a Pastor

Kate Wallace Nunneley

  My call to pastoral ministry began during my first semester of seminary. I was taking 3 required courses – Greek Exegesis, Mentored…

"Notorious" Passages, Women and the Church

A Church You Would Want to Avoid

Rob Dixon

Reflecting on his contemporary Paul’s theological writings, the apostle Peter writes in 1 Peter 3:15-16: Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation, just…

"Notorious" Passages, Women and Relationships

Sex, Supper, Submission

Zach Lambert

A few months after we said “I do,” my wife, Amy, and I attended a class for newly married couples at our local…

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